10 important steps to take care of diabetic feet

10 important steps to take care of diabetic feet


1. Monitor Blood Sugar Levels: Keeping your blood sugar within a healthy range is essential to prevent diabetic foot complications. Regularly check and manage your blood sugar as advised by your healthcare provider.


2. Daily Foot Inspection: Examine your feet daily for any cuts, sores, blisters, redness, or changes in skin temperature. If you have trouble seeing your feet, use a mirror or ask someone for assistance.


3. Proper Footwear: Wear comfortable and well-fitting shoes that provide adequate support and protection. Avoid tight, pointed, or high-heeled shoes. Diabetic shoes or orthotic inserts may be recommended.


4. Foot Hygiene: Wash your feet daily with mild soap and lukewarm water. Pat them dry gently, especially between the toes. Avoid soaking your feet, as it can lead to overhydration of the skin.


5. Moisturize: Apply a diabetic-friendly moisturizer to keep your skin soft and prevent dryness. Avoid applying lotion between the toes to prevent moisture buildup.


6. Trim Nails Carefully: Trim your toenails straight across and not too short. Avoid cutting into the corners to prevent ingrown toenails. If you have difficulty doing this yourself, seek professional help.


7. Protect Against Injuries: Be cautious to avoid injuries to your feet. Wear protective footwear when necessary and be mindful of sharp objects, hot surfaces, or anything that can harm your feet.


8. Regular Check-ups: Schedule regular foot check-ups with your healthcare provider, such as a podiatrist. They can monitor your foot health and address any issues early.


9. Proper Wound Care: If you notice any cuts, sores, or blisters on your feet, seek medical attention promptly. Even minor wounds can lead to infections in diabetic individuals.


10. Quit Smoking: Smoking reduces blood flow to the feet and can worsen diabetic foot problems. If you smoke, consider quitting to improve blood circulation and overall health.


Remember, if you have diabetes, proper foot care is crucial in preventing complications. If you notice any concerning changes in your feet or have questions about your diabetic foot care, consult with your healthcare provider or a podiatrist for personalized guidance.


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